An X-ray that can go where you need.



Most Control

The NOMAD MD™ is equipped with adjustable collimation so you have control over the size and shape of the area you need to X-ray. It also has a light field with a laser target so you always know exactly what will be captured in the image. 


Most Flexibility

With you holding the X-ray, suddenly all those awkward-to-get angles are accessible with just a twist of your wrist. The NOMAD™ has the flexibility to be held at any angle.


Best Patient Care

Because of its portable, handheld design, the NOMAD MD™ can go to your patient, rather than your patient going to it. Serve your patients in the most comfortable position for them. It's especially wonderful for children, special needs, and geriatrics.


Compact Design

The NOMAD MD™ handheld X-ray is designed for flexibility and control to make sure you capture the image you need. Features include: 

Hand with UI_NEW.jpg

Simple Controls

Easy to learn, the NOMAD MD™ is ready to use in minutes. Quickly adjust exposure time and initiate X-rays.




Fully Adjustable Collimation

Adjustment rings control horizontal and vertical shutters to adjust the size of the X-ray field. 



Light Field

Indicates the exposure area for the patient. When the red laser dot is aligned with the middle of the reticle, the NOMAD MD™ X-ray source is the optimum 28" (71 cm) from the subject. 




Measures the angle of the device relative to the earth, letting you know the precise angle. 



Front Cage

Ensures minimum Source to Skin Distance (SSD) is maintained.



Rechargeable Battery

The NOMAD MD™ comes with two batteries and a charger to ensure that the device is always ready to go. Each battery can take  over a hundred images on one charge so you never have to worry about where you can go with the NOMAD.